I.  Milton's Family

        A .Grandparents Rev. T.J. (Thomas Jefferson) and Martha Lee Atherton (Mattie) Lites

              1. Rev T.J. Lites Family Photos

                 a. Rev. T. J. Lites Bio

                  b. T.J.Lites Family Fotos.

                  c. Lites Aunts Uncles Photos

             2. Parents  Daniel Ray and Estelle Cutright Lites  

                a. D.R. Lites Family

               b. Estelle Cutright Lites

         3. Milton Photos

    B. Nannette's Family

        1. Father: Clarence Webb

        2. Mother: Susie May Weatherly Webb

        3. Nannettes Photos  

        4. Webb Family Photos

    C. Milton and Nannette

          1. Our History

          2Emily and family

              a.  Amyphotos

              b. NataliePhotos

           2. Phil and Family

               a. Phil and Cathy Photos


               c. SaraPhotos